1. A wonderful trip to Italy searching for treasures to bring home to the shop

  2. Obsessed with this spoon holder…

  3. Blue…
    #blue #french #display

  4. We are so excited to have some new clothes by local designer Sarah Dubois, all handmade from vintage fabric especially for us! #handmade

  5. Lovely having the door into the garden open today

  6. Buy of the day!

    #saltcellar #blue #nofilter

  7. A lovely sunny Sunday in the shop. Chloe is France at the moment filling the van with goodies to bring back!

  8. We have lots of lovely new things in the shop at yhe moment, including these gorgeous dried flowers from Suffolk

  9. Garland day at Closet & Botts!

  10. We’ve had a lovely time pottering around the shop placing some new stock this morning. This old green cupboard is one of our favourites.